Successful Financial Direct Mail Case Study

Consumer 20 Cent Image

Our latest case study outlines how the J&Q team worked with a major consumer lending and refinance company to improve the ROI on its primary direct mail program. Profitability increased, which allowed expansion into new markets!

The Challenge

  • Ensure accurate in-home dates to coordinate with staffing requirements
  • Streamline processing of several versions and highlight the offers

The Solution

  • Color inkjet combined multiple versions into one production run saving time and money
  • Switched to Standard postage to lower costs
  • Creative changes using color increased response

The Results

  • Kept in-home delivery dates while lowering costs
  • Improved ROI allowed expansion into new markets

For more information on this company and the solution we developed, download the complete case study.

J&Q specializes in high volume personalized direct mail production featuring leading-edge color inkjet technology.  We analyze every aspect of a direct mail campaign, and can recommend and implement creative, format, data, production and postal options to lower costs and improve response.

For more information on J&Q see our website at, email us at or give us a call at 847.588.4800.

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