Color Inkjet Revolutionizes Direct Mail


Sooner or later virtually all direct mail will be produced utilizing full color inkjet printing technology. At Johnson & Quin that technology is available today! Johnson & Quin has a long history of innovation, and today we are on the leading edge with color inkjet. We are guiding our clients on how best to use this production technology to lower costs and provide more customized messaging to increase response.

Our latest video provides an overview of J&Q and reviews the benefits of producing direct mail with color inkjet presses.

What value does color inkjet production provide to marketers using direct mail?

 Color inkjet combines the color printing and personalization into a single step, providing quality comparable to conventional print and monochrome personalization. Most importantly it helps direct mail packages stand out in the mailbox by creating highly targeted and personalized pieces that can be produced economically.

Color inkjet benefits include:

  • Postal savings by combining versions into one print run
  • Shorter schedules
  • Unlimited versioning, testing and personalization in color
  • Elimination of preprinted forms

With the increasing quality and speed of color inkjet presses, traditionally printed direct mail programs are rapidly being converted to color inkjet.

Watch the entire video here to learn more about color inkjet production and how J&Q helps clients best utilize this high tech production method to improve results and lower costs.

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