Quality Over the Years


Johnson & Quin began in 1876 when Nels Johnson founded the N.M. Johnson Company – Blank Book Manufacturers and Book Binders. The company’s first advertisement called Merchants, Bankers and Business Men to the attention of our superior facilities for the manufacture of blank books.

Today we call all Marketers to the attention of our superior digital technologies for the production of response-generating direct mail! One of the reasons J&Q has been successful over the years, is our ability to adapt to and utilize new print technologies PLUS our strong quality control procedures. Today most of the direct mail we produce is printed and personalized on some type of digital printer – most on high-speed color inkjet printing systems.

As technologies evolve, quality control processes need to be constantly reviewed and updated. Today we are highlighting ways to insure quality.

The average consumer probably has no clue about the number of details that must be understood and communicated as a direct mail package is produced. Lots of details equal many chances to miss an item that could create a quality and marketing nightmare.

Along the complex production journey, a direct mail package requires QC checks from the initial setup to mailing. Below are some of the key items in J&Q’s quality program:

  • Every job has two preflight meetings to review package specs, the IT and production plan, and quality measures.
  • All job information is stored on a network drive shared by all departments so that it is consistent and accessible.
  • IT and production instructions and tickets are located in an ERP system, also accessible to all necessary personnel.
  • QC checklists are used by every department during setup and production of a program.
  • Each check is done by two sets of eyes insuring a double check.
  • QC pulls of each production step are reviewed on an hourly basis to make sure nothing has changed on the equipment.
  • The IMB (postal barcode) is checked throughout production to make sure the mail will be deliverable without delays or additional fees.
  • Monthly issues meetings are held with staff from all departments to review any issues that may have occurred, and to discuss long term remediation that may include training and/or process updates.

As direct mail and digital communications have transformed over the years, your direct mail partners should also continually review and update their procedures to insure accurate, quality and timely mailings.

For more information on J&Q or our quality procedures please see our website at www.j-quin.com or give us a call at 847.588.4800 and ask for Sales.


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