Manish Haria Promoted to VP of IT and Security

IMG_0744 Manish Cropped

Security is a big deal at Johnson & Quin. We process and print millions of records each year and most contain PII – Personally Identifiable Information – like names, addresses and other identifying pieces of information. Because security of data is critical to marketing communications, having the expertise to stay up-to-date with necessary processes, certifications and systems is essential. Manish Haria who has been with J&Q for 18 years was recently promoted to Vice President of IT and Security, and he will help us stay at the forefront of security and processing.

Manish is responsible for leading the company’s technology and information security initiatives to ensure IT processes and operations are up-to-date, and company and client information is secure. Working closely with executive management, he will continue to focus on strategic planning and recommendations for the company’s information technology and security needs.

Manish began his career at Johnson & Quin in 2000 as a software programmer where he quickly gained expertise in data processing software and systems for highly variable data large volume printing and mailing. Over the years his role expanded to managing the IT department, software development, data processing for all print operations, and the company’s IT infrastructure. Most recently Manish has been CISO and CIO, responsible for providing strategic direction for information security, IT infrastructure and IT processes supporting manufacturing.

Manish has been focused on achieving Johnson & Quin’s SOC 2 attestation report. An independent Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm audit verified operating effectiveness of Johnson & Quin’s security controls to safeguard sensitive data. He has also recently implemented a new information security program based ISO 27001/2, NIST 800-53 and Payment Card Industry (PCI) security frameworks. As part of this new program, Manish developed a hybrid security framework by choosing specific controls from these frameworks to meet compliance requirements and business needs. As Vice President, Manish will continue to focus on accreditation’s and processes that ensure confidentiality, availability and integrity of client data while their direct mail programs are managed by Johnson & Quin.

For more information on Manish’s role at J&Q read the complete press release.

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