Is your Service Provider keeping your data safe? Are you sure?


Data Security Padlock

With so many security breaches at major companies in the United States and around the world, and the implementation of GDPR in Europe (European Unions’ privacy regulations), security has become a top concern in corporate boardrooms. How do we keep sensitive information safe from hackers who are persistently working to infiltrate computer networks (both corporate and personal networks at home) to steal identities, social media accounts, financial, health and other valuable personal information? It’s not enough to just say you have this data secured; you must be able to prove it.

Enterprises often use service providers for ancillary services which requires access to sensitive data to fulfill those services. As custodians of customer data, vendor organizations —including service providers like Johnson & Quin—must become more accountable for keeping that data secure. At J&Q we support our marketing clients by promoting their products and services through direct mail. That entails handling lots of sensitive personal data – millions of records every year! And, we do this by ensuring it is only handled by authorized staff and safe from prying eyes.

There are many security frameworks available to help set up information security programs. J&Q’s Information Security Program is based on ISO 27001/2 from the International Standards Organization, NIST 800-53 from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) security frameworks. Because security is so key to our clients, Manish Haria, J&Q’s VP, CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) and CIO (Chief Information Officer), is continually evaluating and updating our security program.

360 Advanced SOC 2 Seal of Completion

Most recently J&Q has successfully completed a rigorous examination of our data security processes and procedures under the AICPA® System and Organizational Controls (SOC) 2 standards. The SOC 2 exam was administered by the professional IT assurance and compliance staff of 360 Advanced—a respected national Qualified Security Assessor and CPA firm based in St. Petersburg, FL. The SOC 2 report by an independent CPA firm provides clients with trust and confidence in J&Q’s security controls. This report (available upon request) provides detailed information and assurance regarding the security of systems used to process customer data.

Bottom line – J&Q’s clients can be confident in the controls we have in place to keep their information and data safe as we process and produce their direct mail programs.

About Johnson & Quin

J&Q offers the latest production technologies including high-speed full color inkjet printing in combination with postal and mailing services to achieve the lowest postage and delivery costs. They offer data services, other digital personalization and printing options, and certified data security. J&Q excels at high volume complex projects requiring personalized and variable data printing. For more information see, or find J&Q on Twitter or Facebook.

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