Add Digital to Your Mail with an Informed Delivery® Campaign

In our last blog we explained that Informed Delivery is a Postal Service program that sends consumers an email with grayscale images of the mail pieces that will arrive in their mailboxes soon. Black and white images are displayed of letter sized packages that are processed and scanned through USPS automated sorting equipment. The images can be viewed via email, an online dashboard or mobile app. Individuals can sign up for the program at

Informed Delivery Interactive Campaigns

Marketers can move beyond static grayscale images to display linked color images. An interactive campaign displays color images with a link to a webpage that directs the recipient to a digital experience. There are two options for an interactive campaign.

Basic campaign with Ride-along image

A Basic Campaign includes a Ride-along Image and URL. A color ad appears below the grayscale mail piece with a URL to a webpage for response. The color image draws attention to the mail piece, provides a call to action and gives the consumer a way to respond digitally to the offer in advance of receiving the mailing.



Ride-along image and Representative image

A Dual Campaign includes a Ride-along Image and URL, as well as a Representative Image. The representative image is a color image of the mail piece that replaces the grayscale scanned image. For both campaigns, the ride-along image and “Learn More” link are linked to the same URL, and appear below the mail piece image. The color images plus the ability to go directly to a website provide an additional opportunity for the recipient to respond, and reinforces the mail offer and the brand.

The URL in the Ride-along image should direct the recipient to a web or landing page that hosts the offer for the campaign. In order to track the Informed Delivery response, it should be a different page from the mailing or use a pass-through page that captures the tracking data, then redirects the person to the mailer website. A campaign can use a single URL or multiple URLs for different versions of the mail.

The Steps of an Interactive Informed Delivery Campaign

  1. Design the mail piece with a good offer and clear call to action including an option for online response.
  2. Create the Ride-along image that links to a webpage, and an optional Representative image of the mail piece.
  3. Develop a web destination which can be your website, a landing page for the offer or a pass-through landing page to capture responses.
  4. Setup the campaign in the USPS Business Customer Gateway. Mail Service Providers (MSPs) like J&Q can setup the campaign for their clients.
  5. Produce and mail the mail packages.
  6. Mail pieces are scanned as they are processed through USPS automation equipment. The interactive campaign images are matched to Informed Delivery users based on the 11-digit delivery point ZIP code in the outgoing address.
  7. Informed Delivery users see the mail arriving soon in an email, mobile app or dashboard.
  8. Post-Campaign reports provide the number of Informed Delivery emails sent, opened and click throughs, as well as dates and times for each individual record.

Interactive Informed Delivery Promotion begins September 1

Informed Delivery is one of the USPS Promotions in 2019, earning mailers a 2% discount on postage. Registration runs from July 15 through November 30, 2019. The promotion period for the mailings is September 1 through November 30. Eligible mail includes –

  • First-Class presort and automation letters, cards and flats
  • Marketing Mail letters and flats (all except carrier route saturation levels)
  • Nonprofit Marketing Mail letters and flats

Currently the USPS does not charge for Interactive Campaigns. The costs to create the color images, develop a webpage for responses, and set up by an MSP are typically low. Combined with a 2% postage discount, now may be the time to plan a test of Informed Delivery.

If you have questions or need more information on an Informed Delivery Interactive Campaign, contact us at 847.588.4800 or and ask for Sales. You can also learn more on the USPS site at

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