J&Q Converts All Direct Mail Production to High-Speed Color Inkjet

J&Q’s personalization department is adding a third Screen Truepress High-Speed Color Inkjet Press.

It is the beginning of a new era at Johnson & Quin. With 143 years of printing experience, we have announced that all client direct mail programs are now printed and personalized on high-speed color inkjet presses. All monochrome (black only) laser printers have been removed from our facility in Niles IL, just north of Chicago.

J&Q is adding a third color inkjet press, a Screen Truepress Jet520ZZ Advanced High-Speed Color Inkjet Printing System. This complements the two existing Screen color inkjet presses, expanding the volumes that can be produced and mailed.

High-speed color variable data presses offer many advantages for direct mail and marketing communication programs including –

  • Lower production costs and faster time to market when compared to the traditional two step offset printed forms plus black only personalization. Color inkjet presses take rolls of white paper and print all copy, images and variables in color in one seamless process.
  • Substantial postage savings for programs with multiple versions. Versions can be mail sorted and produced in-line resulting in deeper postage discounts.
  • Preprinted forms and the resulting inventory headaches are eliminated.
  • Personalization and versions are unlimited. Full color text and images can vary based on version or each individual.

“Johnson & Quin has a history of seeking out and embracing new technology to provide our clients with high quality direct mail production to make their marketing programs successful,” said Andrew Henkel, Vice President & Principal at J&Q. “Currently we are focusing on equipment and processes that make our clients’ lives easier by significantly lowering production and postage costs, decreasing delivery time, and providing virtually unlimited versions to increase response.”

To further customize each package, J&Q can also personalize outer envelopes in color. Additional color inkjet envelope printers are being added in-line with the inserters to personalize the envelopes based on the letter version or data for each person.

To accommodate the volumes the color inkjet presses can produce, high-speed inserters and folders with card affixers are being installed. Personalized embossed cards can be matched to forms and affixed using a new camera technology that reads the 3D embossing.

If you have questions or want to discuss how color inkjet can lower costs and increase the flexibility of your direct mail program, contact us at 847.588.4800 or jqinfo@j-quin.com and ask for Sales.

Read the complete press release here.

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