J&Q’s Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to race across the nation and throughout our cities and states, the management of Johnson & Quin is continually reviewing the situation and making adjustments to keep our employees safe and to continue to produce and mail our clients’ direct mail programs.

Johnson & Quin is considered an essential business in the State of Illinois and continues to print and mail to support our marketing clients and the United States Postal Service. The USPS is also an essential business and an integral piece of the nation’s critical infrastructure, delivering information, social security checks, offers, medicines and other goods directly to homes. The USPS depends critically on the mailing and printing industry. Click here to read the letter the USPS issued on March 22, 2020 regarding the continued operation of the mailing and printing industry.

Over the past few weeks, our management team has been meeting daily to adjust plans as circumstances evolve, as well as review work schedules to keep mail programs on schedule. First is the importance of keeping our employees, their families and our communities safe and healthy. Illinois’ “shelter in place” order was instituted on March 20 and has just been extended to April 30 so we will continue to monitor our staff and facility to ensure safety.

While it is critical that our plant employees come to work each day to keep production running, anyone that can work remote is doing so. If teams need to be in the office, they rotate times and days to lessen contact with each other.  We are continually encouraging social distancing, enhanced cleaning of workspaces and production equipment, and the importance of handwashing and proper hygiene. Video conferencing keeps teams in contact to discuss projects, questions and issues as they arise – while seeing actual faces as we all work from home.

We are also working closely with our suppliers (also considered essential businesses) including other printers, paper suppliers, comminglers, logistics companies and others to gage any delays from outside sources. As delays become evident, we will update clients and determine a plan of action.

We are committed to continuing to provide our clients with uninterrupted, quality service and production during this time. This is a continually evolving situation. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns to Andrew Henkel (312.420.8539 / ahenkel@j-quin.com) or Bob Arkema (224.548.9831 / barkema@j-quin.com).

Stay safe and healthy!

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