J&Q’s Color Inkjet Success Story with MCS, Inc.

View MCS’s recent video on Johnson & Quin’s Success Story!

How important are vendor partners to your business? Almost all companies rely on other businesses to supply them with something to make their product or service happen successfully. Johnson & Quin’s vendor partners are key to both J&Q and ultimately our clients’ success.

MCS, Inc., a mail industry supplier, recently produced a video highlighting the success that J&Q has had in using their equipment. MCS designs, manufactures, sells and supports inkjet imaging systems and inserter matching systems for the mailing industry. Beginning in 1999 J&Q has used their equipment including inkjet, matching and inserting systems to manufacture our clients’ direct mail programs.

J&Q has a long history of pushing the limits of existing equipment to add capabilities and make them work faster and smarter. As an example, Bob Granat, J&Q’s Operations VP, worked with MCS staff to create the embossed card matching systems that now read 3D embossing on personalized cards to match and affix them to a letter or form – accurately and efficiently.

The video highlights the newest MCS equipment that J&Q has gone all-in on. The Condor 250 color inkjet envelope printers image outer envelopes in-line as the letters are being inserted. With this equipment, we can truly provide a fully personalized direct mail package in color for both the forms and outer envelopes. Rolls of white paper feed into high-speed color inkjet presses to print and personalize letters and forms. The forms are then inserted into generic white envelopes that can be printed in color with the name and address, as well as variable taglines, logos, graphics and more to create a truly personalized communication to the recipient.

As Andrew Henkel, J&Q’s VP and Principal, and Bob Arkema, Executive VP, indicate in the video, the addition of the MCS color envelope printers provide many advantages to our clients –

  • One to one communication to each recipient in a mailing on both the letter and outer envelope.
  • Versions are now produced together as one production and mail stream, resulting in often substantial postal savings.
  • Preprinted forms and envelopes are no longer required, reducing time and cost.

With equipment names like Falcons, Eagles and Condors, we look forward to the next bird of prey that MCS develops to continue to add new capabilities to our direct mail production. We value all our vendor partners, our talented staff, and clients as we continue to expand our capabilities to create response-generating direct mail that communicates the value of our clients’ products and services.

If you have questions on our services or would like J&Q to review your direct mail program, contact us at 847.588.4800 or jqinfo@j-quin.com and ask for Sales.

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