Direct Mail Personalization in Color Increases Response Rates

Direct mail campaigns that utilize personalization in color on both the letter and outer envelope are seeing higher response rates. J&Q manages many ongoing programs that include multiple variables and specific versions to target each person or segment in a database. Using sophisticated software and programming along with high tech, fast and efficient production equipment J&Q produces millions of personalized packages each month.

J&Q Expands Full Color Production Capacity

Based on higher demand for full color direct mail production, the company is adding high-speed folding systems and inserters, as well as additional color inkjet envelope printers in-line on the inserters.

MBO High-Speed Folding Systems trim and fold rolls of continuous personalized forms, as well as affix cards and match affix personalized embossed cards.  Pitney Bowes Mailstream Direct Ultra-High-Speed Inserters are truly high-speed with the ability to insert up to 26,000 packages per hour. MCS Condor Color Inkjet Envelope Printers scan a barcode on the personalized letter as it is inserted and print full color copy and images on the outer envelope to create a one-to-one package to each recipient.

Personalization on Outer Envelopes for Totally Personalized Campaigns

Color inkjet envelope printers personalize the outer envelopes based on the letter version or data for each person. Many financial services, as well as clients in insurance, energy, and other industries have found this an ideal way to further customize each piece, target the offer to the individual, and increase response.

With over 40 years of direct mail production experience, J&Q continues to implement new technology and increase capacity to provide clients with high quality direct mail production to make their marketing programs successful. The company also has a long history of pushing the limits of existing equipment to add capabilities and make them work faster and smarter. Our current production platform is built on high-speed color inkjet printers for both the letters/forms and outer envelopes which provides many benefits including –

  • One to one communication to each recipient in a mailing on both the letter and outer envelope.
  • Versions are produced together as one production and mail stream, resulting in often substantial postal savings.
  • Preprinted forms and envelopes are no longer required, reducing time and cost.

For more information on J&Q’s personalization and mailing services see our website. If you have questions on our services or would like us to review your direct mail program, contact us at 847.588.4800 or and ask for Sales.

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