Making the Transition to Color

Epicomm People Bubbles

By Kay Wilt

Bob Arkema, J&Q’s Executive Vice President and I provided content for an article on Personalization and Color Inkjet Printing that appeared in a recent issue of Epicomm’s Bottom Line. Epicomm is an association for the print, mail, fulfillment, and marketing services industry focused on business management. The article updated association members on the ever-growing use of high-speed color inkjet presses to create personalized direct mail. The information was targeted at printers and mailing service providers, but it does provide a good overview for marketers as well. Read the complete article here.

A few of the key points from the article include –

  • Direct mail is making a comeback, has a key role in many marketing programs and has a tangible value.
  • Personalized direct mail integrated with digital channels helps improve the success of marketing campaigns.
  • Full color inkjet printing is completely changing the entire print and direct mail industry for marketers and production companies.
  • The latest generation of inkjet presses produces incredible quality, reduces time to market, provides significant postal savings opportunities, and has similar production costs compared to traditional methods.
  • It also provides virtually unlimited personalization of both color images and copy, allowing a new level of flexibility formerly offered only with expensive color digital devices.
  • Many of J&Q’s clients are transitioning to color inkjet production by combining current versions to provide postage savings and eliminate printed forms inventory. But they are quickly taking advantage of the personalization capabilities by customizing offers, copy and images to each segment of their list or to the individual.
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