Direct Mail: Ideal for Customer Acquisition



Johnson & Quin is the first US Postal Service® customer to receive authorization for co-branded sales collateral. The USPS and J&Q are together promoting the use of direct mail in omni-channel campaigns, and specifically for customer acquisition.

For businesses today attrition is a given, making acquisition marketing critical. And consumers are shopping using a wide variety of channels and on multiple devices resulting in a cluttered mediascape. Companies must engage customers in a variety of ways, and the more targeted the messages, the better.

Direct mail is delivered right into consumers’ hands and can break through the media clutter and lead recipients to online, real-time, and personalized experiences.

Direct mail can make acquisition stronger and more effective by offering –

  • Highly targeted audiences. Businesses can focus on smaller, more targeted groups of prospects who are more likely to purchase.
  • Personal connection. Using color digital printers, direct mail can speak individually to each person using personalized copy, images and color.
  • Bridge between physical and digital marketing. Mail can use digital technologies like AR, QR codes, PURLs and more to provide an online, personalized experience.
  • Engagement with the senses. Direct mail is a physical piece that can engage the recipient with imagery, textures, involvement devices and even audio and video using digital technologies.
  • Measurability. Direct mail lets you track response, gage the success of the campaign, and test different aspects of the package to increase ROI.

“Adding direct mail as a key component to an omni-channel marketing strategy helps create a diversified, connected, and customer-centric approach that can help increase a marketer’s chance for successful acquisition.”

Download a pdf of the complete “Direct Mail for Customer Acquisition” article.

For more information on how direct mail can provide value for your marketing campaigns, contact us at 847-588-4549 or


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