Update on January Postage Increase and USPS Promotions

Postal Rate Increase 2020

It’s that time of the year again – the festive holiday season is over, we are in the midst of winter with its often cold and cloudy days, and another postal rate increase hits marketers’ budgets beginning Sunday, January 26, 2020. Although the increase is less than last year’s, direct mailers will still see an increase of about $.005 per piece for Marketing Mail and $.002 for Nonprofit Mail.

For the 2020 postage rates, mailpiece qualification specifications, postal optimization tips and more download J&Q’s Postal Rates and Reference Guide.

USPS Promotions 2020

Postal Service Promotions in 2020 encourage marketers and mailers to incorporate new technology with direct mail to enhance the direct mail experience and combine traditional print with online channels to increase response rates and return on investment. The following promotions are running in 2020 and all offer a 2% postage discount except the Earned Value Reply Mail Promotion noted below.

  1. Tactile, Sensory and Interactive Engagement – Encourages the use of advanced print innovations in paper and stock, substrates, inks, interactive elements and finishing techniques to enhance customer engagement with the mail. This applies to Marketing Mail from February 1 to July 31.
  2. Emerging and Advanced Technology – Includes incorporating emerging technologies such as AR, VR/MR, NFC, Video in Print, multichannel mail integration with digital assistants/smart speakers into the mailpiece to engage consumers and connect direct mail and mobile use. Marketing Mail and First-Class mail can take advantage of this promotion from March 1 to August 31.
  3. Earned Value Reply Mail – Incents mailers to continue to use Business Reply Mail, Courtesy Reply Mail and Share Mail envelopes and cards by offering a $.02 to $.04 credit for each piece returned by their customers. The credit amount is based on the mailer’s 2019 volume, and must be used by the end of the 2020 year. This promotion applies to First-Class Mail and runs from April 1 to June 30.
  4. Personalized Color Transpromo – Enhances the value of First-Class Mail when bills and statements are printed and mailed with color marketing messaging. This applies to First-Class Mail only and there are slightly different requirements for first time users versus previous participants. This promotion takes place July 1 to December 31.
  5. Mobile Shopping – Encourages the integration of direct mail pieces with mobile technologies that facilitate a convenient online shopping experience for consumers during the holiday season. This promotion runs from August 1 to December 31 and is on Marketing Mail only.
  6. Informed Delivery – In its second year the Informed Delivery Promotion promotes the use of the USPS’ new omnichannel feature, Informed Delivery. Through an online dashboard or email, consumers see the mail pieces that will be delivered to their mailboxes each day. An Informed Delivery campaign adds a color ad and link to a web page under the grayscale scan or color image of the mail piece to encourage recipients to preview the offer contained in the piece. Both First-Class and Marketing Mail can take advantage of this promotion.

Click here for the 2020 Promotions Calendar and more information on the promotions.

To determine how the postage increase will affect your budgets or to discuss the 2020 Promotions, contact us at 847.588.4800 or jqinfo@j-quin.com and ask for Sales.

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